Orly Danieli – photographer, artist, phototherapist.

Phototherapy | The Open University (2016)
Trilotherapy studies | Trilotherapy school (2010)
BA in Psychology | The Open University (2009)
Photography | Camera Obscura School of Art (1988)

An extensively experienced photography teacher and photo-therapist. Work with both youth and adults in groups or private lessons and therapy sessions. Conducts a wide variety of photography workshops and courses both indoors and outside. organizes photography journeys abroad for small groups.

I just love taking photographs and being behind the lens. I always aspire to leave all prejudice behind and curiously look at the world just as it is. I wish to be simply present, outside the limitations of time and place and to listen to what my eyes see. Keeping a wide open mind and having a camera at hand allows me to catch the beauty in everything.
I encourage my students to move flexibly between observing life impartially and adding their unique point of view. After all, the photograph reflects, apart from the photographed, the state of mind of the photographer.
You are invited to experience the magic with me!